Today world is driven by technology. It is a world of technology that opens new avenues for the students to explore. Making use of latest methodologies, the school has accelerated package which will turn every class into an existing voyage of discovery filled with visuals, graphics and sound. The school has got two ultra modern computer labs with forty computers with internet facility and one audio visual room to transform teaching through educational CD's and advanced equipments.

In order to make the students acknowledge of ultra modern technologies and softwares, the school is equipped with three computer labs with sitting capacity fifty students each. Senior, Middle, Junior computer labs are furnished with twenty five computer, twenty computers and eighteen compuers respectively.

The technical team is well versed with modern information technology and advancement of the field of the computer.

A modern well furnished and equipped Maths lab has been provisioned for the students in collaboration with NIIT. The students are understanding complex concepts of maths by the optimum utilization of this resource.

The primary objective of any laboratory is to perform experiments and the same is true of a Mathematics Laboratory. An experiment in mathematics is an exercise or project which highlights some known concepts based on well known mathematical theories.

Experimenting in mathematics lab sheds new light on some aspects of the topic being studied, leads to some original discoveries on the part of the student and focuses on some interesting applications of mathematics to real life situations.

In order to facilitate students with hands on learning experiences, the models and gadgets have been displayed in the lab. Simultaneously the activities like paper folding to clarify various shapes of mathmatical figures, are conducted.

Physics lab is well equipped with all the apparatus. The lab is so large that it can accommodate eighty students at a time. Students are also introduced with latest advancement in the field of physics.

Ample space is available for the students to conduct practical comfortably. It is a well lit laboratory with a good ventilation system.

Well equipped with relevant audiovisual material including various CDs to recent advancement in biological sciences. Lab comprises more than three hundreds animal and plant species.

School aims at making learning a fun process, there is an assortment of books, magazines and news paper available for hobby-related books, books on travel, drama, reference books, competition books short stories, poetry, astrology many other topics.

Recently a new section of E-learning have been added in library comprises hundreds of CDs on different topics.

JPS is the first school in Kumaon which has introduced smart classes plan in every class room operated by Educomp (India). The teachers and students find it very useful because it makes learning, enjoyable and playful. Smart Class is a digital initiative for students, improves teachers effectiveness and productivity, brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life, makes learning an enjoyable experience for students enables multi-sensory learning in classrooms. Improves academic performance of students and enables instant formative assessment of learning outcome in class.

Smart classes are a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers school & students day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student’s academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners. Educational video from Eureka and Discovery channel are available for teachers to use in classroom.

The modules are embedded in a template that allows the teacher to teach a chosen lesson in class, frame by frame, with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals while retaining complete control on the pace of delivery. The curriculum reach unfolds from kindergarten to grade twelve covering subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, EVS, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics and Business Studies. Our repository consists of multimedia 2D and 3D modules.

The School provides transport facilities but offers no guarantee that a seat in the School Vehicle will be available, when the vehicles are full to capacity or do not ply in the area of the residence. It will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians to drop/collect the child from the specified vehicle stop.

Parents are requested not to enter school buses to see off and receive their wards. Parents should not try to overtake and stop the School bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. This act would lead to strict disciplinary action.

A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. The student has to be on the correct side of the arriving bus. The scheduled pick¬up time is available with the Transport-in-charge at the scho01. The school reserves the right to alter the timings, routes and stoppages as and when necessary.

Students are issued a Bus Badge with Bus Route No. The badge should be worn by the student before boarding the bus and should wear the same at all times till the completion of the return journey.

Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus and bus stop. No change can be allowed without prior written permission of the school. No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt. The front door of the bus is the only authorised entrance and exit. Students must not put any part of their body outside the bus. They should not put their hands out even for waving. Unruly behaviour like shrieking, shouting and playing foul is strictly prohibited. Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.

The driver`s attention must not be distracted for any reason. The bus monitor on duty is responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offence must be reported to the Co-ordinator immediately.

The school has a very good play ground in which the games – Basketball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Football, Cricket, Kabaddi & athletics are available for the students. Expert coaches with elaborative experience are preparing students for CBSE & other recognized tournaments. The school has wonderful achievement in various sports at all levels.

The Sports Ground The Physical Education Program aims at the overall physical development of a child. The campus has a large sports field and children are coached in Athletics, Track Events, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Basket Ball, Badminton, etc. Indoor sports equipment is also provided.

Yoga is taught to students of the Primary to middle Classes from I to VIII. An age-old form of fitness whose efficacy has come to the forefront globally, the youngsters develop flexibility, balance, poise and concentration. Regular asanas prove beneficial for both mind and body and leave the youngsters energized and ready for academic and co-curricular pursuits. Regular Yoga workshops are held for students (VI upwards) and staff as well.

The school has got a world class auditorium with latest amenities. The seating capacity of the auditorium is 1200. The auditorium also has two international standard badminton courts. The students get ample chances to explore their talents because of this wonderful auditorium.

The school has got a world class auditorium with latest amenities. The seating capacity of the auditorium is 1200. The auditorium also has two international standard badminton courts. The students get ample chances to explore their talents because of this wonderful auditorium.

The school has got NCC for juniors as well as senior students both boys & girls. The school is getting directions and guidelines from 78 UK. Battalion. The ANOs are training cadets by regular drills. Students participate in CATC camps as per the detailment by the unit.

Jaycees has got a fantastic & well equipped Robotics lab. The students of classes II to X are using this facility. The Robotics teams has won prizes at Zonal and National level and qualified for International level competition.

The school has got Scouts & Guides for boys & girls. The students are taking lot of interest in this activity. Camps are also being conducted for them from time to time.

A latest 3-D-Lab by Designmate has been provisioned for the students for better understanding and comprehension. The fundamentals of sciences and other subjects are being understood by the students in a better way because of this lab.

The school has a very good bagpiper band trained by a qualified instructor. This is also an unique feature of the school. The students are learning this art with zeal & enthusiasm & perform on all occasions & functions throughout the year.

Morning assembly is a great learning experience for all the students. Theme based assemblies are conducted every day and maximum participation of students is ensured.