Vice Principal's Message

“The principal goal of education is to create humans who are capable of doing new things, and not simply of repeating, what other generations have done” -Jean Piaget.

When I look back at the year gone by, I ask myself have we achieved what we set out to do? To a large extent - Yes. Since its inception almost four decades ago, Jaycees has considered the service to society quintessentially complimentary to imparting of education. At professional level, this objective has been achieved through introduction of the latest yet cognate teaching programmes. Along with such courses, several opportunities are made available to our students which lead to their personal development thus broadening their vision outside the classroom. It's our endeavour not only to create an awareness but also a practical involvement among the students to be possessed with a zest for taking up every opportunity that comes their way and utilise it to the best of their potential.

I would like to sound modest even when I claim to have a qualitatively exclusive ambience in the school, be it in academics, sports or cultural activities. The results we have achieved are the outcome of a culture, our students and faculty have built together after days of concentrated efforts and dedication. We saw another dream being fulfilled in the form of the Jaycees Chronicle-launching of its maiden issue. We intend to maintain and nurture the same spirit of consistent achievements and performances with higher intensity in the times to come.

We at Jaycees are committed to rise up to the requirements of our students and focus on adding significant value to the existing knowledge and skills of our student. The dynamic systems of the school are open to the winds of change and aspire to stride towards our goal of building a multifaceted school where mind, body, soul and spirit are nourished and nurtured helping each child blossom into a beautiful person.

I would like to conclude with setting a benchmark that would be achieved when each student who has graduated through the portals of this institution ought to be able to look back and say ‘My life is good for I am today what my school made me.’ I convey my best wishes to the students, staff and parents and sincerely pray that this year be a blessed year for you and your families where all your dreams and ambitions are realised. God bless you all abundantly.

Vice Principal
JPS Rudrapur